3 Quick Benefits of Stopping Smoking Enjoy The Month Without Tobacco

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Some (great) changes due to the stopping of the cigarette are fast to see … here are 3!

Well, the cigarette is already not very good for the wallet, and for health the report is even more frightening: the lungs get dirty, the skin is tarnished, hair falls and the taste fades. .. Good news: a new month without tobacco is taking place right now and encourages all those who want to stop together! No more smoking is rather difficult, so to stay motivated we want to see positive changes and especially fast on our body and our endurance: we offer a top 3 (super) benefits found quickly. It’s very motivating!

1 A Revived Skin

It’s not just the lungs that suffer from smoking, far from it! Smoking accelerates the aging of the skin, promotes its release, lets appear more quickly wrinkles, especially around the mouth, and the complexion also becomes duller … in the clear, it will be nice to use high performance cosmetics, bad effects tobacco will be (always more) visible. Fortunately, in just a few days of abstinence, the results are already there and the skin regains its natural softness and beautiful colors (it makes you want)!

 3 Quick Benefits of Stopping Smoking Enjoy The Month Without Tobacco

3 Quick Benefits of Stopping Smoking Enjoy The Month Without Tobacco

2 An Accentuated Taste

Decreased sensitivity to smell and taste is a common symptom in smokers. The strong smell of tobacco inhibits them and the food seems fast to be tasteless. A smoker will therefore often tend to eat very salty or very sweet and prefer fatty foods. This sense is however (very) fast to recover since 48 hours after the stop of the cigarette, the endings gustatives already begins to recover some of their natural sensitivity! Not bad is not it ?

3 Shiny Hair

The hair has the particularity of keeping in memory all that one ingests, and it for sometimes (very) long. Tobacco hinders their development and promotes their fall, they also become very dull. And yet, the first hair changes are usually visible a few weeks after stopping smoking, the opportunity to find (finally) a thick and shiny hair!

Good luck to all those who wish to stop!

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